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About Box 15

Box 15’s primary role in the fire service is that of rehabilitation. In the fire service, rehab provides essential nutrients and liquids for the re-hydration of exhausted firefighters, as well as assisting them return to normal “core” body temperatures. Mandated by NFPA 1584, rehab has become an essential function within the fireground operation.

Box 15 responds automatically to all greater alarm fires within the City of Columbus, as well as most other area fire departments in Central Ohio. We are available for special duty assignments, haz-mat runs, prolonged police situations, and other long-term incidents.

Box 15 is an official resource for the Northwest Area Strike Team (NAS*T), a collaboration of several regional fire departments in Franklin and neighboring counties. NAS*T operates a regional hazardous materials response team in addition to providing fire investigation for its member departments.

Box 15 is also a resource member of the Central Ohio Strike Team (COST).

Box 15 relies on donations and grants provided by individuals, corporations, and the agencies we assist. If you would like to make a donation to Box 15, please call 614-585-9120 or email Box 15 is a 501(c) (3) organization, and donations are fully deductible with the IRS.

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